Our Methodology

FAIR HAIR CARE LTD is the first of its kind to benchmark quality within the hair extension industry on a global scale. As the number of organisations get assessed, quality will improve across the industry and will shape and strengthen our assessment criteria.

Phase I Questions:

The first phase of the assessment is a series of questions your organisation must answer. We have listed the questions into the following key areas which are important to consumers following our consumer surveys on hair extensions and talking to organisations involved in the hair industry. The key areas identified will have a positive long-term effect on the industry if standardised. The answer to these questions form the first part of the assessment criteria and will be verified through a mystery shop and laboratory testing.

The four key areas for assessment are:

  • Supply Chain
  • Processing
  • Quality
  • Environmental Responsibility

Phase II Mystery Shop:

Aside from asking questions, which could be easily be bias we perform a mystery shop. Performing a mystery shop will allow us to experience customer service and take a sample from your organisation without your knowledge. Therefore, the mystery shop will help verify Phase I of the assessment ‘the questionnaire’.


Phase III Laboratory Testing Methodology

Analysis of hair samples by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

The samples will then be analysed to evaluate the following:

  1. The regularity of the overlapping cuticles
  2. Presence of damaged or raised cuticles exposing underlying cortex
  3. Presence of cracks or holes in the cuticle
  4. Possible presence of foreign material on the hair surface.

A qualitative evaluation of any contamination or unusual structures on the surface could also be undertaken simultaneously, if required.

Hair strands will also be mapped for elemental distribution to further differentiate any contamination.

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